What is data recovery?

Data recovery is the process of retrieving deleted or inaccessible data from failed electronic storage media such as computer hard disk drives, removable media, etc.
Your data can become inaccessible due to a software problem, computer virus, mechanical or electrical malfunction or a deliberate human act.

Is my data recoverable?

In many instances like logical (deleted Data, Formatted Data) / Physical (Cases No Detection)/Partial Access : Yes.
Regardless of the cause of your data loss, We are able to successfully recover lost data 90% – 95% of the time.

What do I do if data lost (Logical)?

Following things should never be attempt
1.   Run “chkdsk” or “scandisk” “diskpart” or any other partition repair utility
2.   Use the Windows recovery console commands “fixmbr” or “fixboot”
3.   Attempt to recreate a deleted partition with “Fdisk” or “Disk Management”
4.   Change the contents of the disk or partition that needs to be recovered
5.   Recreate a failed or broken RAID

My disk appears to be physically damaged, what can I do?

If your hard drive is making any strange noises, do not continue to power on the drive or attempt software recovery tools as this can result in further damage to your hard drive also resulting in permanent data loss!!

What are the risks of data recovery software?

The damage that can be done by just “trying something” can lead to unrecoverable data. Some data recovery software can also modify existing file structures turning your data in to random ones and zeroes.It might leads in to permanent data lost.

What is the analysis process?

Step 1 – We will determine whether the problems are physical (hardware), logical (software structures) or both.
Step 2 – If issue is physical, we then determine whether the needed parts for repairs are in our inventory or if we will have to source them from our vendors.
Step 3 – The next step is to analyze the condition of the data structure & determine how much of the data can be recovered.
Step 4 – When the analysis process is completed, we will contact you with the results of the analysis & tell you the exact cost of recovery process. We will need your approval to proceed further.

How long does the analysis take?

In normal cases we need 3-4 days for analysis. The time required for the analysis is dependent upon the problems encountered, availability of spares. We have special service for analysis within 24 working hours in case of urgency or emergency in such case customer have to pay analysis charges. In other cases analysis is free of cost.

How long does the data recovery take?

Generally recovery takes 4-5 days but factors like availability of spares, disk response time, data size, etc. could add few more days.

Will I be contacted before any major work is done?

You will be contacted during all steps of a data recovery process and will be ask for approval about any and all recovery costs. After the free analysis of your device is done, we will contact you with an all-inclusive cost quotation. If you decide to proceed with the recovery, we will start recovery process. We also keep you informed about status of the current progress of your recovery.

Do you have a copy of my data after delivery?

Generally we keep data with use for one day. But If you want to us to delete all data in your presence. we will do so on request.

How will I get my data after recovery?

We will return your data on a hard drive, or a flash drive which you provide or we will provide new media at additional cost.

My data is confidential, how do you guarantee its security?

We are concerned about the integrity and security of your data. Our data recovery center does not allow unauthorized access just a few key members of our team have access to the same. While submitting you media we sign a NDA with all customers.

Are there cases where data cannot be recovered?

Yes there are some cases in which data cannot be recovered. Listed below are examples:
1.   Attempted or DIY cases by non-technical person.
2.   Already tempered by user like tried to open media in open environment.
3.   Bad electronic work attempted.
4.   Magnetic surface damaged or scratched media by head.
5.   Attempts by software’s, disk diagnostics tools like chkdsk, diskpart, fdisk etc.
6.   The use of unauthorized recovery software can cause permanent loss of your data.
But with our advanced techniques the chance of data recovery as much greater.

What happens if I don’t get my data back?

“No Data – No Charge” * If Media is not tempered before.

How do I get to one of your locations?

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